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So it's back to school today!
From most of the posts in my newsfeed I should be jumping up and down with joy but instead I'm feeling sad.  I am going to really miss my two little pixies.  I know I will actually be able to get some creating done which I'm looking forward to but I will miss their energy for life and just spending time with them that isn't rushed.

Once they are at school the days go too quickly - it's about rushing and routine  - get up, have breakfast, clean teeth, wash, get dressed, reading, cuddles off to school (obviously there was a lot of nagging and shouting mixed in with all that).

Then after school it's homework, cooking dinner, eating, a bit of play and then the bedtime routine (again insert a lot of nagging and shouting) - but all dictated by routine and the clock.

When they are in term time the days seem to whizz by and my babies grow up too fast, whereas when it's the holidays they are mine and I am theirs and we can just be together and have fun (with lots of cuddles thrown in).  Don't get me wrong, there were days in the holidays when I was pulling my hair out but mostly they were good.  I love the simple things like watching my pixies make friends with snails, running around the woods chasing zombies or looking for fairies.  Snuggling up watching movies, having tea parties and carpet picnics. This holiday we had some great laughs having Nerf Wars, although I am definitely not as young as I used to be!

I am going to enjoy being able to get some work done but can't wait until school holidays are here again!!

Today the house seems very quiet so I better put some loud music on and get on with some of this work I need to do.  Once I have caught up on orders I need to spend some time updating the website and I think a new look may be in order.

Have a lovely day everyone.
Love & fairydust
Skye xx

<![CDATA[February 01st, 2013]]>Fri, 01 Feb 2013 11:42:30 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/february-01st-2013The name the unicorn competition is now closed, thank you so much for all your fantastic name suggestions.  There were so many great names it was hard to choose a winner.  We have finally decided on 'Swizzle' so congratulations to Gayle W.  You just need to email me at fairyshack@yahoo.co.uk and let me know which colour you would like and let me have your postal details.
<![CDATA[It's competition time!!]]>Thu, 03 Jan 2013 18:39:03 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/its-competition-timePicture
Name the unicorn!!

For your chance to win one of these beautiful rainbow unicorns all you have to do is come up with a name for the lilac rainbow one.  The white one is called Tutti Frutti and the pink one is Fizz Bomb.  Just comment here with your choice of name and one lucky winner will be chosen on 31st January 2013.

<![CDATA[Florence the Fairy Nurse has her hands full!!]]>Tue, 11 Sep 2012 09:48:04 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/florence-the-fairy-nurse-has-her-hands-fullPicture
Florence the Fairy Nurse has been extremely busy lately due to all the fighting between the goblins.  They are stupidly hitting each other in the vague hope that this will impress the fairies - boy are they stupid!!!

<![CDATA[The end of summer and the sun is here!!]]>Tue, 04 Sep 2012 06:47:19 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/the-end-of-summer-and-the-sun-is-herePicture
What a beautiful sunny September day, and a perfect day to take the little pixies off for a stroll through the beautiful countryside where we live.  So armed with a picnic lunch and empty containers off we went hunter-gathering (aka blackberry picking).  The route we took had thousands of blackberries but unfortunately they weren't ready for picking and after an hour the little pixies energy levels were flagging so this looked like the perfect spot to stop for lunch.  After a lovely lunch we headed back the way we had come and took a walk across the bury where blackberries and damsons were just waiting to be gathered.  Whilst I did the picking my two little ones entertained the cows, although I had to stop my little man from trying to get on one and ride it!!  A lovely end to the school holidays - now what to do today?  I guess we can make pies and jam from our bags of fruit - yum yum!!

<![CDATA[Goblins available to buy!!]]>Sun, 02 Sep 2012 09:41:51 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/goblins-available-to-buyPicture
Boris the Bog Standard Goblin is available to buy.  He's in the Goblin section of the Fairy Goods page.

<![CDATA[Oh my goodness - Goblins are here!!]]>Sun, 02 Sep 2012 09:08:13 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/oh-my-goodness-goblins-are-herePicture
Goblins have finally shown up in Fairyland - Skye was seen having a friendly chat with one of the Goblins (Boris) earlier this morning.

<![CDATA[It's July and it's raining - we must be in England!!]]>Mon, 02 Jul 2012 22:45:04 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/its-july-and-its-raining-we-must-be-in-englandPicture
Hello lovely fairy friends.  June was a very wet month and it looks like July is set to be the same but this little fellow is sure to put a smile on your face.  I was inspired by a picture that I saw and had to see if I could make one - what do you think?   I have been very busy lately but will soon have more time to dedicate to making fairies and will therefore be able to ensure I keep this website up-to-date.  I have lots of unicorns to add over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled.

<![CDATA[Welcome to May!!]]>Fri, 04 May 2012 08:55:04 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/welcome-to-mayPicture
It's very busy in Fairyland at the moment with lots of baby unicorns and merhorses to look after but some of the fairies wanted to take time out to wish you all a very Merry May.

<![CDATA[Skye Fairy shows off her pink hair!!]]>Wed, 18 Jan 2012 13:13:49 GMThttp://www.fairyshack.co.uk/fairy-whispers/skye-fairy-shows-off-her-pink-hair
When the Fairy Shack fairies were first designed I had my hair in a blonde bob and Skye Fairy was based on me. Now I have pink hair I thought it was only fair that I let Skye Fairy have a chance to change her hair too. So when Skye has finished her demanding day job she uses her fairy magic to change her hair to bright pink and changes her dress to either a lavender, green or white one and goes out to play without her daytime responsibilities xx